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Code Zero Visual Trading for TradingView

Who use our products:

  • Traders who want to quickly test their trading ideas without involving programmers and automate them.

  • Algo traders looking for ways to optimize their algorithms.

  • Private investors interested in testing investment strategies on historical data (for example, Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA)).

Code Zero Visual trading is a tool on the TradingView platform that allows traders to develop their own trading strategies without the need to hire a programmer or learn the Pine Script programming language.

You can create a strategy yourself and test its effectiveness by analyzing past data.

In fact, it's a constructor that allows you to quickly create a working trading strategy using existing indicators.

When the strategy is ready, you can set up notifications to be sent to Telegram or an external trading system using webhook notifications.

The main advantage of CDZV lies in its ability to use a wide range of indicators: both standard TradingView or your own, as well as those created by the community. This gives freedom in choosing tools for forming strategies.

The CDZV interface is intuitively understandable for TradingView users. It is based on the use of indicators and a universal test strategy, which are easily integrated with each other, allowing the creation of complex logical constructions and testing them on historical data.

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