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Code Zero Visual Trading for TradingView

Problems of the traditional approach (without CDZV)

The main problem:

Complex, time-consuming, and high cost of testing and automating trading strategies.

The standard process includes:

  • Searching for a qualified programmer, which takes time and can lead to instability in the cost and quality of work.

  • Definition of Terms of Reference (TOR), which is time consuming and costly.

  • Communicating with the programmer before and during development, which takes time and can be stressful.

  • Waiting for the completion of the work and further cooperation until all the shortcomings are eliminated, which again requires time, nerves, and additional funds if changes to the TOR are necessary.

  • If you have an idea to optimize or add to the strategy, the whole process starts all over again.


The desire to test trading strategies quickly and efficiently faces a number of obstacles, which leads to significant time, money, and emotional resources.

The solution via CDZV

With CDZV, the process is simplified:

  • Instant customization and testing of strategies, without the need for programmers or detailed technical specifications.

  • The ability to make changes and optimizations quickly.

  • Automation of the trading process based on a proven strategy.

The advantages of using CDZV are as follows:

  • Significant time and resource savings.

  • Independence from external contractors and their work schedules.

  • Full control over the process of testing and automating strategies.

Instead of facing the "hell" of the traditional development process, choose CDZV for efficient and autonomous testing and automation of your trading strategies. CDZV transforms a complex process into simple steps:

idea -> setup -> testing -> automation -> trading.

This allows you to focus on what really matters - your trading.

Our benefits

  1. Strategy Creation Without a Programmer Traders can independently develop trading strategies without involving programmers and without knowledge in programming.

  2. Independence from Programming Language There is no need to be proficient in Pine Script to work with CDZV.

  3. Backtesting Capability Strategies can be instantly tested on historical data.

  4. Trading Automation

    Launch automatic algorithmic trading using webhooks.

  5. Integration with External Systems Send signals to systems that execute operations on the exchange (such as Finandy, 3Commas, Alertatron, etc.) or send notifications to messenger platforms.

  6. Wide Selection of Indicators Use of both standard TradingView indicators or personal ones, as well as indicators created by the community.

  7. Flexibility in Strategy Creation Combine indicators to create logic of any complexity.

  8. Convenient and Familiar Interface The logic of CDZV is based on principles that are already familiar to TradingView users.

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