Code Zero Visual Trading for TradingView

  1. Request access to the telegram bot through the CDZV.COM support service (email your request to support@cdzv.com). After activating your account, you can immediately start working and configuring the bot.

  2. The bot can work as your personal informer (in a private chat) or send messages to a channel or group.

Important: for the bot to work in a group chat or group, it needs administrator rights.

  1. Find the bot on Telegram by the name @cdzv_bot and start a dialogue with it or add it to a chat/group.

  2. After adding the bot, you will receive a message with the chat ID, which will be required for sending messages (the bot can send messages to multiple chats and groups). If the message with the chat ID does not appear, send the /info command to the chat or channel to get this information.

An example of a response from a bot:

ChatID: -100130149201

Write down this ID.

  1. To send a message through the bot, you need to send a Webhook message to the URL:


  1. In the Webhook message, the first line should be the authorization string, and from the second line onwards - the text of the message that will be sent by the bot. You can use Emoji in the text.

The authorization string has the format:


Example message:

cameron:-100130149201 IWM Crossing 205.70

After this, the bot will send the message "IWM Crossing 205.70" to the specified chat/group.

Now you are ready to configure sending messages through the CDZV.COM telegram bot. If you have any questions, contact the support service.

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