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Code Zero Visual Trading for TradingView

Setting up notification sending from the CONDITION MANAGER STRATEGY is fully in line with setting up notifications in the TradingView system:

In addition to the standard placeholder variables that are available in the TradingView notification text, you can use additional ones:


{{plot("TP_PRICE")}} - Take-Profit value from the strategy {{plot("SL_PRICE")}} - Stop-Loss value from the strategy {{plot("PYRAMIDING")}} - pyramiding mode enabled (1) or disabled (0) {{plot("ORDER_ID")}} - last order number {{plot("RISK_MANAGMENT_STOP")}} - strategy is running (0), or stopped due to risk management rules (1)


{{plot("ORDER_ID")}} - last order number {{plot("SIGNAL: Liquidation")}} - strategy has reached the liquidation price and is stopped (1), or is running normally (0)

If you need to send additional information in the alert message, you should pay attention to sending alerts through the CONDITION MANAGER Indicator.

And here is a great video tutorial from the ByBit exchange on how to set up alerts via Webhooks.

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