Code Zero Visual Trading for TradingView


DATA SOURCE is a constant.

The DATA SOURCE module is like a preparation table for a chef, where they can chop ingredients and mix them before cooking the dish. Here you can take data from other indicators, combine or modify them using mathematical operations, before using them in the main module CONDITION MANAGER or any other module (even another DATA SOURCE) to create rules (RULE) or constants (CONSTANT).

For example, if you need to check if the trading volume (Volume) is greater than the moving average (MA) value by 50% (1.5 times), you first use the DATA SOURCE module to calculate 1.5 * MA(50). Then you use the resulting value in CONDITION MANAGER as one of the external input data in RULE to compare with the trading volume. This helps you precisely adjust the conditions for your trading strategy.


You can read the order in which the calculations are made and a detailed description of the fields here.

The DATA SOURCE module has one output, which returns the result of its operation.

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